Transformational Coaching is an investment into the life that you want to and deserve to live.

Each session provides exactly what is needed for your optimal growth and is tailored to your individual needs. I am invested in you and want to be your greatest support system, as I provide you the tools to enhance your wellbeing and create magic in your life. I will be facilitating the transformation, however your commitment in yourself and our process is necessary to create lasting results, as you implement the guidance consistently. We are cocreating with spirit, and you will notice the element of miracles that get introduced not only during our sessions, but the entire time we work together. The potency of the container that is created during these sessions is beyond words and is something that needs to be simply experienced. My intention is to empower your gifts and inner guidance system so that by the time we are done working together you will be self-sovereign to be your own greatest inner compass. How can I empower you to step into your inner leadership?

My coaching is a minimum of 3 months commitment and typically lasts up to 6 months, however may last longer depending on each client's process.

All sessions are over Skype or Zoom.



"Clarity" package

This package is designed to get you crystal clear on your vision, areas of healing or an aspect of your life that you want to improve. This is the perfect package if you need the support but can only commit once a month, therefore it ensures that there is continued support through your process.

1 (75-90 minute) session a month+ongoing text/email support+pdf's











Want to experience profound life-changing transformation, in the span of one day? This package allows us to spend all day together, an average of 8 hours, focusing on your growth! You will receive all of my guidance and services, delicious and nutritious meals, breakthroughs and life hacks, and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, healing, and understanding of your path as never before.

This is perfect for those of you who always wanted to work with me but live far and plan to visit Southern California, for the busy entrepreneurs who want quick and radical change, or as a gift to yourself because you deserve to experience a new reality.


  • 8+ hours of healing/guidance/transformation
  • 2 nutritious organic meals
  •  a custom Orgonite pyramid OR a custom Goddess pendant
  • the best massage of your life from a Licensed therapist
  • 1 long integration via Skype the week before AND after our session



"manifest" package

This package allows us to dive deep and is optimal for real results. We will be meeting twice a month and will be focusing on healing, empowerment, and ample manifestations in the areas you want to transform.

2 (75-90 minute) sessions a month +ongoing text/email support+pdf's












"from stressed to blessed" PACKAGE

Self-care, cycles, nourishment, magic.

This package is designed to recreate the way that you connect with and take care of yourself. I provide you channeled guidance, rituals (pulled from hundreds of hours of research, trainings and experience), and individual support to transform the way that you treat yourself like the Goddess that you are. This is perfect for high impact entrepreneurs, busy moms, students, and women who want to revamp their inner sanctuary and bring magic back into their every day life, so you can continue being productive without sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing.


1 (75-90 minute) session a month+ ongoing text/email support+pdf's


"metamorphosis" package

This PLATINUM COACHING PACKAGE is available only to a small select group of clients who wish to step fully into their power and who are committed to becoming their best selves. This includes all my services in one, this is the ultimate investment in your self and your transformation, quantum level healing and shifting into your ultimate higher purpose in every area of your life. It is designed with specifically you in mind.

(tarot alchemy+past life regression+chakra alignment+psychic gifts integration+inner child healing+manifestation+transformational coaching+shifting the mind/NLP+womb/ancestral healing and activation+nirvana fusion+pdf's)

+ you will receive the following bonuses-a custom made Orgonite pyramid ($150 value), a custom made Goddess pendant ($100 value) and the books we will be working with ($50 value)

This is a 7 month/13 moon journey