what people are saying about working with me:



– 1 –

Anya Lei  guided me through a Tarot reading. But truly, it was more of a soul reading. She felt into my energetic blocks, and was able to use the cards to decipher what is coming up next for me. Anya listened engagingly to everything I had to say. And had insightful responses for me, that catapulted me into a new way of thinking. Anya's reading was absolutely phenomenal! Here layout is completely unique to her. But assured, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!

 Aurora Rae, founder of Our Red Tent (ourredtent.com)

– 2 –

Over the past couple of years I have received reiki and readings from Anya. Her style is honest, caring, unique, and spot-on!  She is able to flawlessly combine several modalities in order to create a safe space where authentic open heart space communication can occur and flourish. Even the most skeptical individuals will find that she has an innate ability and will derive benefit from it. I highly recommend Anya’s services to anyone that is seeking deeper understanding!

Dr. Elizabeth M. Wisniewski, DC, BA, CMT, RYT, owner of Genuine Chiropractic


– 3 –

"A++++++ readings with multi-card decks - drawn from Spirit, read by Spirit."

Alan Avila, co-founder of Lucidity Festival and I AM HEALING

– 4 –

"Tarot Alchemy is an apt term for Anya’s work. I received a reading from her at a retreat a couple of months ago and it was unlike any tarot reading I had ever received before (as a professional psychic/healer myself, I know a lot of tarot readers). Anya’s work is unique in its integrated approach: not only does she draw from many different decks through the course of a session, but she incorporates Shamanic energies, guides of the recipient her own personal brand of intuitive magic. Throughout the reading it was as though a multifaceted story revealed itself for examination. Her intuition felt spot-on, very accessible and grounded (nothing airy-fairy about it).

Anya’s reading is not just tied to the moment—her messages are still deeply relevant and continuing to unfold with new layers of meaning as I live the experiences that she read energetically months ago. Thank goodness I recorded the reading so I can go back and listen again for further depth and clarity as time goes on. 

I would highly recommend Anya’s services to anyone seeking Tarot magic. Anya is a clear, joyful channel whose integrity and authenticity shines through her work.

  Michelle Hawk: Shaman, Reiki Master and Animal Communication Specialist

– 5 –

Hi Anya! Thank you again for yesterday. please know that your transformational coaching will take off in so many avenues. i went through 1 year of intensive life coach training here in nyc. i have been coaching for 3 years now. the reason i mention this is because i have seen, worked with, surrounded by many many coaches and i can say truly that you have a gift. really, i think life coaching as an industry is changing or needs to change. there needs to be a sector that encompasses what you are offering. it can no longer be the "let me help you with your goal setting'. meaning losing weight, a new job, etc. the guidance needs to be deeper. i see an anya university.. teaching this formulation of coaching. blessings.

Aime Schiavone, life coach and corporate NYC

– 6 –

Anna, I Want To Thank You So Much For The Wonderful Reading You Gave Me. It Was Spot On! I Received A Lot Of Guidance And Confirmation That Help Me Through This Journey I'm Going Through. I Really Love That We Are Able To Skype That Way I Can See The Spread And How You Use The Crystals. It Allows Me To See What Obstacles Come Into Play, What Chakras Are Being Affected And The Messages That Are Being Revealed To Me. You Are Truly Gifted Soul With So Much Love And Compassion That Is Demonstrated Through The Readings. Again Thank You Very Much For Sharing Your Talents And For Being Such A Beautiful Vessel You Use To Help And Guide Others.

– 7 –

My experience with Anya was a wonderful one and transformative receiving a Tarot reading from her. She's open, generous and kind. I walked away with more inner peace and understanding of my path. I think a reading from her will bring more clarity and inner peace into your life. Thank you, Anya for your gifts, and serving the way you do!

              Phuong(Aristia) Thi. Goddess coaching and intuitive


– 8 –

My Reading With Anya Was An Interactive Experience. Not Only Were Cards Read But My Guides Were Involved, My Ancestors Were Involved And The Messages Were Loud And Clear. Not Only Was Anya Able To Receive Messages And Convey Them In A Digestible Fashion, She Also Created A Space Where I Received Messages Directly And The Two Sets Of Messages Were In Line With Each Other And Complete On Task For My Current Transition. I Felt Safe, I Felt Heard, And I Felt That I Understood The Next Steps In My Transitions.

-Nicole Renee, American Tribal Style teacher and Intuitive