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Beloved awakened woman,

You are a force of nature.

Radiant. Beautiful. Brilliant and capable beyond belief.

If you’re reading this, it is because your soul has heard the call.

At this stage of your awakening, you are exploring both your grace and your fierceness.

Desiring to express the fullness of your being in ALL areas of your life.

Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath.

Now ask yourself:

“What does becoming an EMBODIED SOVEREIGN WOMAN mean to me?”

I would love to know your answer. Please email me if you feel inspired to share:

Every woman’s journey of empowerment is unique.

At various points in her life, whether through an external motivation or internal call, she feels inspired to deepen into her sovereignty.

Often that means taking back the power & energy she has given to outdated behaviors and thought patterns, subconscious fears and excuses, unhealthy relationships and attachment styles, uninspiring projects, societal pressures, and anything not serving her highest.

And instead, choosing to hold the power of her truth as sacred.

Which recalibrates her internal compass and allows her truth, and not anything outside of her, to guide every element of our life, while simultaneously remaining interdependent and deeply connected to the world.

Let me just take a moment to note sister, the journey of the sovereign woman embodiment is a lifelong process.

We never fully arrive, we are continuously evolving.

At various stages of our life, we return to our inner landscape, bring clarity and honesty to what needs changes, deepen our self-exploration and come back to places we thought we healed.

Each time we are taken through the spiral, we deepen more into our authenticity, integrate our shadow, and source our truth.

This process is not a hindrance; in fact, it is a gift. You are on a heroine’s journey, a quest to teach you more about yourself than you have ever known.

It is in the moments of deep introspection and sitting in the quietude of our shadow, that we uncover our greatest treasures.

You don’t have to walk this path alone.

Imagine having a tribe of women cheering you on, supporting you, sharing your triumphs and holding you in your grief- transforming trauma into thriving- this is the alchemical container of transmutation.

There is a certain sequential process that supports a woman in stepping into her sovereignty on every level. This has been revealed to me through my private practice over the last decade, in supporting hundreds of women with their empowerment journey, gathering my credentials in a multitude of clinical and holistic fields, and doing my personal inner work that never ends.

If you’re feeling a strong resonance in your heart and your womb, I have an invitation for you sister..

Join me on the quest of the sovereign heroine’s journey.

Welcome to the Sovereign Woman Collective.

An online membership program that starts on February 11th, 2019.

This is a sacred container to support you in every area of your life as you step into your power. A longtime vision calling to be made manifest.

I am creating this sisterhood for women to receive professional support, diverse tools, channeled guidance, inspiration, and a holistic approach to reclaiming their power and embodying their essence in all aspects of their life.

My name is Anya Lei and I am honored to be the gatekeeper of the sacred remembrance that will be found in the space we will be cocreating.

Each month, we will be exploring a new archetype/symbol as a space holder for our heroine’s journey.

Each lunar cycle will hold new lessons for us, activations, healings, and inspiring discoveries.

The Keys of the Sovereign Woman will be guiding our journey.

This process will be psychological, deeply healing, spiritual, educational, embodied, and juicy.

Our collective is a living sacred circle, that will weave our journey depending on every single woman present, and what is needed.

This is an invitation to go through your rites of passage into sovereignty.

What will we focus on at swc?

A holistic approach to empowering all areas of your life.

This program will support you in:

  • Regaining confidence, magnetism, clarity, and motivation in your life

  • Clearing patterns that no longer serve you, such as codependency, martyrdom, fear, perfectionism, and people pleasing

  • Harnessing your sovereignty and learning to self-source

  • Discovering your truth and bringing your essence into the world

  • Setting solid boundaries and learning to master energetic discernment and emotional intelligence

  • Transmuting trauma into thriving

  • Deepening intimacy, authenticity and presence in relationships

  • Anchoring your leadership skills and embodying your power

  • Exploring sacred sexuality, connecting to your body and your moon cycles

  • Learning about female holistic health and wellness

  • Building a sisterhood and receiving support in your journey

So, how do you liberate your sensual & creative inner feminine, express your playful & regulated inner child, as you are held by your internal grounded & driven masculine container?

The unique gifts and codes you hold, are unparalleled. There is no other you, period. The world is waiting for YOU to own your truth and share your purpose.

You can be deeply supported through it, but it always comes back to taking personal responsibility in making it happen, that is the first code of being a sovereign woman.

Perhaps you have been feeling the call to rise and step into your greatness, a knowing that you were born to change the world and NOW is the time.

Or you may not desire anything grand. A quiet revolution that transforms everything in your wake without speaking of itself.

Regardless of your destined path, the journey of a visionary wild woman stepping into her power is quite an undertaking. How does one begin, is there a manual for this sort of thing?

I have great news for you sister, it will in fact exist and we are here to create it together, keep reading.


You have been on this journey toward embodiment for many years, learned various healing modalities and have grown to love yourself..

yet you’re still facing the same lessons, hesitant to step outside of your comfort zone and to be seen, experiencing childhood wounds and triggers echoing from the distance, and deeply long for a radical lasting change.

Creating the life you’re destined for means no longer giving your energy to anything that limits you and keeps you stuck in old loops.

2019 already feels different, doesn’t it? It’s full of possibility and as if THIS is what you have been preparing for.

Yet what happens now? How do you bridge where you currently are to where you want to be?

Let me rephrase that, to where you are DESTINED to be.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Perhaps you:

  • want to strengthen your boundaries and discover a solid sense of self (say goodbye to people pleasing, codependency, low-self esteem and being martyr) and hello to fully committing to yourself and your dreams

  • are ready to stop repeating the same patterns (ex: attracting men who are emotionally unavailable or do not fully meet you, experiencing abandonment and triggers, clear intimacy fears, etc)

  • experienced childhood, developmental, relational, or sexual trauma and still feel the impact it has on your life

  • want to connect with your body more, explore your sensuality, feel self-fulfilled and love yourself as never before

  • are ready to embody your innate leadership but don’t know where to start

  • desire a supportive circle of soul sisters who are sharing your journey

    It starts by reclaiming your power. Reprogramming your subconscious mind. Cultivating wholeness through connection with your body and your cycle. Harnessing your gifts. Discovering and communicating your truth. Achieving emotional mastery and energetic impeccability. Developing discernment in relationships. Rising in sisterhood and allowing yourself to be supported on your journey.

This is a call to make 2019 the year you fully reclaim your power on ALL levels.

What would that look and feel like for you?

How will your life change?

How will you then impact the world around you?

This program is an archetypal catalyst and every month we will be taken through a rite of passage to celebrate and foster your embodiment.

What I love the most about this holistic program, is that it is a powerful resource and support for women in various stages of their journey.

When you are embodied, sovereign, magnetic and integrated, it creates a strong internal foundation for every aspect of your life to thrive and for your true essence to be expressed in all that you do, especially when it comes to relationships and leadership.

This is for you if YOU ARE:

  • deep in the throes of a breakup, massive transition and adjusting to a new life- especially if you are not quite sure what that looks like

  • on a healing journey and ready to do the deep work and tend to those pesky childhood wounds you’ve been avoiding

  • desiring to turn your soul’s purpose into a thriving business

  • an entrepreneur or leader in your field and want to become more embodied & lead from congruency

  • in a partnership but desire to find your own autonomy

  • attracting the same uninspiring caliber of men and are ready for a romantic reset, to eventually magnetize your King

  • enjoy being single and want to deepen your connection with yourself

  • exploring sacred sexuality and desiring to embrace your body

  • want to empower your feminine expression while creating accountability in your life

  • desire a sacred sisterhood and more support

Who this program is NOT for:

  • a woman who is not committed to doing her work and showing up for her greatness, and instead wants to remain in old patterns that no longer serve her

  • programs of fear, victimhood, reactivity, disrespect, blame, shame

What do I receive as a member of the Sovereign Woman Collective?

  • Two 90 minute group Zoom Calls every month (sisterhood circle, Q + A, transmissions, laser coaching etc)

  • Monthly interviews/masterclasses with international experts in various fields to support your Sovereign Embodiment

  • Exclusive weekly videos (Fb lives, training videos, channeling, etc)

  • Trainings, prompts, tools to empower every area of your life organized by modules

  • The support of myself & the sisterhood in a safe container to share wins, concerns, encouragement, and accountability

  • Moonthly quantum healing meditations

  • I will be doing a monthly raffle to gift 1-3 sessions that you are automatically entered in

Where will be meeting?

We will start on February 11th and will be gathering in a Private Members Only Facebook Group, “Sovereign Woman Collective”,

& our bi-monthly calls will be over the phone + Zoom (and will be announced monthly via Facebook and email)

An online membership portal will be created later in the year

I will also be hosting meet-ups through out the year depending on where I am in the world, currently my home bases are Southern California and Bali. I also encourage you to locate the sisters in your area & organize meet ups yourself.

Bonus for Women Who Sign Up before the MEMBERSHIP starts:

+ a complementary Sovereign Blueprint with Anya Lei to set you up for success ($200 value)

What is the commitment?

This program will be running for the duration of 2019

There is a minimum of 5 month commitment, and you can cancel anytime there after

The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. To create sustainable change in every area of your life, I recommend staying in the group at least for the gestation period of 9 months- heralding your rebirth.

Although my intention is to empower your sovereignty and for you to graduate the program, I have a good feeling that it will be so juicy and valuable, you won’t want to leave.

What makes this program unique?

There are virtually no programs out there that focus on women empowerment in every area of a woman’s life and offer holistic valuable guidance and resources at an accessible price point.

The goal of this program is to be a sacred and deeply supportive container to all the women who are serious about their healing and empowerment, and are ready to commit to themselves.

The program container will be held for at least the duration of 2019, which will support women not just in making the necessary changes, but creating sustainable lasting results.

I have been working with women for over a decade and am a practitioner in over 7 fields and modalities (psychological, quantum energetic, subconscious reprogramming, psychic oracle, relationship coaching, ritual dancing, leadership and embodiment mentoring, and soon to be holistic health, NLP, and Tantra facilitation), which I will be bringing into the program to support women on all the levels. As my expertise grows, so do the offerings in the program. Being in this program is equivalent to having a team of therapists and healers in your corner, as well as a group of supportive sisters who are experiencing upleveling alongside you.

I will be available to answer questions and comment on your process in the Facebook group. For the months that you need extra support, 1-on-1 guidance packages are available, please reach out when you find you need personal support.



Garnet Chalice ($150/month): FOUNDATIONAL


Includes monthly:

* Sovereign Woman Collective Membership

* chance to win a 30 minute session monthly

Rose Gold Chalice ($350/month):

For the sisters who desire on-going 1-on-1 support

Includes monthly:

* Sovereign Woman Collective Membership

* unlimited voxer support with anya lei ($250 value)

* chance to win a 45 minute session monthly

Ruby Chalice ($500/month):

The vIP support that will take your process to the next level


Includes monthly:

* 90 minute session with Anya Lei ($200 value)

* unlimited Voxer support with Anya Lei ($250 value)

* Sovereign Woman Collective Membership

* chance to win a 60 minute session monthly

Depending on when you need extra support, you can upgrade your container for that month.

Through out the year, the price for new members may rise, you however will get the price you sign up with.

Become a Sovereign Ambassador: For every new sister you refer into SWC, you will receive a 45 minute private session to support your process.


Are you feeling a resonance sister?

I would love to offer you a complementary

20 minute consultation to explore your process

& see if the Sovereign Woman Collective is a good fit for you.

Please schedule a session below.


About Anya Lei


Anya Lei is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of the planet by guiding and empowering leaders and visionaries to step into their full embodiment. Referred to as the “Soul Catalyst” and “entrepreneur’s secret weapon”, Anya has worked with leading entrepreneurs to combine spiritual & psychological guidance with practical implementation to amplify their influence within their inner selves, their romantic lives, and their businesses. 


She is a Somatic and Depth Psychotherapist, Transformational Coach, Leadership Embodiment Mentor, Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, Quantum Channel, Women Empowerment Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Alchemystic and ritual dancer. She is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Holistic Health Master and Tantra Facilitator. Anya received her Master’s in Clinical Counseling with a concentration of Depth Psychology and Somatic Psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her background in academic research is the foundation of her work, as she weaves spirit with matter. Anya’s thesis “Childhood Trauma and the Feminine Principle” will be turned into a book, as the cornerstone of her trauma informed mentorship. She supports women who have experienced trauma and codependency to embrace sovereignty and self-sourcing as they revolutionize their romantic relationships and leadership. 


Anya specializes in Trauma to Thriving, supporting women and men to release various forms of trauma from their psyche, energy field, and bodies, and transmute the wounds to leverage their purpose. Within her private practice, which she has been cultivating for nearly a decade, Anya weaves multiple modalities to create a unique holistic approach for every client. Her extensive experience of channeling tarot readings and studying with spiritual masters in the United States, Ukraine and India, have initiated her to create a multidimensional modality called"Soul Blueprint Readings”. Using multiple oracle decks and tools, Anya channels a map to the human and soul experience, which is used as an assessment tool to deepen the understanding of the soul paths of her clients.