Regardless of age, we all have an inner child. This is the wise, playful, creative, and innocent aspect of us that holds many keys to our core essence and purpose.

How is your inner child feeling today?

Many people have less than ideal childhoods, and depending on upbringing and conditioning, the inner child may have been suppressed and tossed to the side. The fascinating thing is, the inner children never fully go away, even when we unconsciously neglect their existence. Like all children, they find a way to express themselves. That expression can be positive, through deepest desires and aspirations, creative expression, play and curiosity, and childhood favorite past-times. Or it can be less than favorable, as in tantrums, resistance, fears, inner critique, habits, and emotional wounds/traumas. When our inner child is not happy, they can influence nearly all areas of our life in hopes of getting our attention.

Our inner children need our love, support, and oftentimes reparenting so we can condition ourselves away from the triggers and faulty foundation of our childhood and repattern our inner children to have all their needs met. A happy and healthy inner child is a balanced and emotionally stable adult.

I have spent the last 6 years healing my inner child and helping others do the same, and I am here to extend my support and resources to you!

Through our work and coaching together, we will get to know your inner child, understand your triggers/wounding system,  give your inner child ample support and encouragement to express themselves fully and integrate this integral part of you into your present life. There is nothing as healing as authentic expression, that is where our power lies!

Every inner child is going to need a unique approach, so if you're reading this and feel the excitement and soulful alignment from a place deep within, trust that your inner child is ready to embark on this explorative journey with you. Please message me for more info below.