Do you find yourself wondering what you experienced in a past life and how it's effecting your current life? 

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and here to assist you in a Past Life Regression through accessing your subconscious. This is a ceremony of the soul, for your higher self is ready to uncover the secrets of your past. Through the use of hypnotherapy, ritual, and past life reading, we will discover your ancient story so you can liberate yourself from the past and create a new one. 

Possible benefits:

  • deeper self-understanding
  • integration of mind-body-spirit occurrences explained by these memories
  • releasing of habits/lifelong patterns
  • soul- retrieval
  • stronger connection with inner guidance system
  • a sense of closure
  • understanding of fears, desires, physical ailments 
  • confirmation of soul purpose

The session will typically last an hour and a half (15 minutes interview and ceremony; 1 hour hypnotherapy; 15 minute integration)


Past Life Package

3 past life readings/integration sessions (15% off the individual sessions)