Hello radiant soul,

If you are reading these words, you were led here for a reason.

You came here to make a big impact and create change in the world.

Perhaps you are doing it already, and serving your community as a coach, thought leader or entrepreneur.

Or, you just simply know it in your heart that you are meant to be serving in tremendous ways that will propel humanity into a new world.

 I am here to support you in creating an aligned life, a life that will fulfill you in every level AND create a difference in the world.

 As leaders of the new paradigm, we hold a lot of responsibility of self-mastery and devoted service in our line of work.

This is an expansive task, and as much as it is exciting, it can also be physically draining, lonely, confusing and overwhelming if we are not properly directing our energies and do not have supportive structures in place. 

How are you feeling? Are you ready to receive and expand your container to create the life that you always dreamed of- a fusion of dedicated service AND personal fulfillment?


The outdated blueprint of the wounded healer and martyr is over. You no longer have to sacrifice ANYTHING to be a steward of change. YOU DESERVE to live the life of your dreams grounded in love, joy and abundance. The world NEEDS your unique offerings, just as much as the world NEEDS you to have all of YOUR needs met and fulfilled.


I invite you to go on a journey with me, a path of radical self-care and ritual, to tend to your soul and create from a space of overflow.


This is an invitation from the universe to align with your most sacred truth. are you ready to take a leap of faith? 


My name is Anya Lei, and I am the founder of TruEssence Awakening 

I’m a Transformational Coach for female leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are done with self-sacrificing and burning out on their mission to serve the world.

I empower women to come back to balance and thrive in all areas of their life through using Soul Blueprint channeled guidance, depth psychology, mindset and energy repatterning, and embodiment rituals so that in less than 6 months they can have an abundant practice balanced with a blooming personal life, and a deeply integrated relationship with self.

Ladies, it’s time to create from a place of overflow and embody soul-care mastery.

Rooted in TRUst, Expression, and Authenticity. T.E.A. supports women just like you to walk confidentially in the direction of their dreams with full clarity, divine support, and profound empowerment. 




My 1-on-1 transformational coaching packages include (click here to find out more):

  • Tarot Alchemy

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Intuitive Counseling

  • Inner Child and Ancestral Healing

  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

  • Trauma to Thriving

  • Leadership and Embodiment Mentoring

  • Relationship/Twin Flame Coaching

  • Quantum Healing

  • Womb + Moon Cycle +Shakti Activation

  • Soul-Care Mentorship

  • Women Empowerment Groups, Red Tents, and Goddess Circles

  • Events, Workshops, Retreats, Festivals etc.


I look forward to embarking on this sacred journey with you!

Anya's story 

Anya Lei Sidorchuk is a heart centered healer who’s purpose in serving humanity lies in helping others heal themselves, thus guiding them on their ultimate soul path to nirvana.  She is a Transformational Coach, Tarot Alchemystic, Women’s Empowerment facilitator, Reiki practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, offering the information and healing that the soul and human experience needs in order to unlock one’s greatest potential. She calls herself the "light-worker shadow dancer", and focuses on embracing not only the light of each individual, but also their shadow, which is equally as important. (LEARN MORE)


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” 

C.G. Jung



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