Everything is made up of energy, and our day to day life consisting of a wide verity of environments, emotions and interactions, can greatly influence our energetic state. 

Have you been feeling any of the following?

  • low energy 
  • uninspired
  • unexplained sadness and melancholy
  • bitter around certain people or enviornments
  • "bad vibes"
  • not quite yourself even though you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is off 
  • a need to "cut cords" with someone no longer in your life
  • stuck in the same mental pattern that feels draining yet keeps repeating
  • wanting to create a different reality but not knowing where to start/feeling defeated

The chances are, your energetic body needs a reset and a boost. If you are an empath and energetically sensitive, this is especially important. We can absorb the outside energies like a sponge and carry all the negative energies of others in our own field, which pulls us out of our center and creates unnecessary stress and grievances. 

The TruEssence Awakeing Energetic Healing is made up of a multiple modality approach to bring you into deep relaxation. cleanse your energy field, align your chakras, and infuse your being with positive and high vibrations. 

The sessions can be administered online, however it is advised to receive this energy healing in person for optimal results.